• The Best Used Cars For Under $1000

    Finding used cars under 1000 dollars can be a tough task. However, it is not an impossible task. There are many different places where you may be able to find a good, working used car for under $1000. Online sites offer many used cars where you can find dealers or even private owners looking for a little cash. Of course, there are risks involved like the fact that the car can be a stolen car, or that there are problems that are being undisclosed to you, the buyer, but you may find a good deal. Another excellent place to look would be at auctions. Police auctions are popular because cars that are taken into their possession later get sold. Also, unmarked police cars are also sold as well. There are great benefits to these auctions. They disclose anything that is wrong with the vehicle and that is something many used car dealers don’t share.

    Used cars may be cheap cars, but that does not mean that they are not drivable. There are many good cars out there that may have tons of mileage and a low cost. Buying a car for this cheap is a budget tightening move and you should know that you will be spending a lot on repairs and gas compared to newer cars.

    So what are some of the best cars out there that are under $1000 dollars?

    Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord is one of the most efficient vehicles out there. Many people out there boast of still driving their early 1990s Accord and have no problems with it. They have decent fuel efficiency, but they last for an extremely long time. These cars can get up into the 200,000 plus mileage range and still feel brand new. An early 90s Accord shouldn’t cost more than a grand, and shouldn’t cost you much in the future as opposed to other used cars.

    Foreign Cars

    Foreign cars are built extremely well. The luxury car makers such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc, strive to have their cars on the market for a long time, and this is evident when you drive around. There are many early 90s cars from these companies that still look good, are classic cars, and really efficient. These cars may cost more to repair when it happens, but you know you are getting a high quality vehicle when you buy a luxury car. Just because it isn’t the newest 2010 model doesn’t make it a good car. Finding one for around $1000 may be tough, but many elderly people sell these and you can get a good deal on them.

    Overall, finding a used car under $1000 may be tough, but definitely not out of the realm of possibility. There are always risks involved because used cars are obviously more prone to breaking down so repair costs can be high. However, there are definitely good options out there if you are on a tight budget.