• The Best Used Auto Magazines For Car Buying

    Used auto magazines are a good source of information and listings when you are in the market for a used vehicle. While their popularity has dipped as online car listings have exploded over the past decade, they still have a die hard following especially among serious car enthusiasts. These magazines make it easy to browse for a new car without being tied to a computer, and if one peaks your interest you can always get online and check out full details and often times, more photos.

    • AutoTrader Magazine – The undisputed king of auto magazines it AutoTrader. It provides some car reviews and information on buying and sell cars as well as page after page of classified listings broken into convenient categories. Most listings have a photo but some are just line ads. It is published in most countries around the world and is an excellent source for local and national listings. It can be purchased in a variety of places, gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores and most bookstores, and is usually priced below $5.00.
    • Specialty Magazines – Trader publications puts out quite a few niche magazines that can be useful when you are looking for a specific type of vehicle. They publish magazines specializing in classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s and many more. These magazines can help narrow down your search for that special vehicle.
    • Free Magazines – There are many different free magazines, too many to mention by name. They can often be found at convenience stores, grocery stores or on racks wherever other free publications are distributed. These will have limited ads and while are fun to browse, if you are serious about buying a car you are better off paying for something like AutoTrader or a specialty magazine.

    When buying a used car there are a number of resources you can use, and while the Internet has become the dominant medium for car advertisements, there is a still a need and market for used auto magazines. They make browsing easy and simplify searching for specific cars. The next time you are in the market for a used car give a used car magazine a try.