• The Best Selling Super Luxury Cars: A Comparison Guide

    When it comes to super luxury cars, there are many similarities as well as blinding differences. These differences can separate a truly great luxury car from a rather ordinary sedan or sports car. However, when it comes to true luxury, there are those that stand out from the rest of the crowd and prove themselves as top sellers. Here is a comparison guide of some of the best selling luxury and exotic cars today. 

    BMW 3 Series

    This series from the German car manufacturer is the top selling luxury car in the U.S. today. This series is offered in many different body styles to offer something for everyone. Ranging from an aspirated 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder engine to a 3.0 liter turbodiesel engine, there is plenty to like about the BMW 3 series of vehicles. The base price of $32,000 is a big reason why many people lay claim to a BMW as their luxury car of choice. With very few luxury car reviews giving this series anything but a five star rating, both critics and consumers think the quality and performance BMW is known for, rests solidly in the 3 series.

    Lexus RX 350 and 450h

    Also known as a luxury crossover SUV, the RX series brings both gas powered and hybrid powered engines to the mix. Ranked as the number one seller in mid-size luxury SUV’s, the RX is a great combination of both performance and incredible interior luxury for its class. The V6 engine is not going to burn up any roads in a few seconds, it will provide for great long distance traveling and superior gas mileage at 28 MPG for the 350 and over 35 MPG for the 450h. The $40,000 cost for the hybrid is a little on the high side for some budgets, but the value, quality, and reliability provides extra value.

    Lexus ES 330

    Another top seller in the world of super luxury cars is another Lexus model. The ES 330 is one of the most reliable vehicles on the road today. An entry level luxury sedan, the ES 330 has a silky smooth ride and powerful V6 engine that purrs, this car drives like you are floating on a cloud. Less sporty than a BMW, the ES is a four door sedan that sacrifices speed with smooth handling and spacious interior. 

    Acura TL

    The Acura has always been one of the more popular mid-size sedans on the market. The TL continues this tradition with great emphasis on durability and reliability. While most of the luxury sedans are starting to head towards a more sporty look and feel, the TL continues to do what Acura does best; build strong, long lasting cars. The large V6 engine provides tremendous power for keeping the car out of trouble with its very responsive handling package. 

    Cadillac Escalade

    The Cadillac Escalade is a full sized luxury SUV that has dominated the SUV market for a few years now. This type of vehicle does not make a lot of sense if you want a small, economic vehicle. However, if you have a taste for great look, large cabin room, tremendous storage capacity, and towing ability, then the Escalade is the vehicle of choice. Do not expect to have great gas mileage though. At only 14 MPG you will be stopping a lot.