• The Best Luxury Sport Coupe: A Comparison Guide of Top Selling Models

    When it comes to buying a luxury sport coupe you will want to take some time to do a thorough comparison. Checking out the many different makes and models available will help to narrow down the luxury sport coupe that will fit your needs. Doing a luxury coupe comparison is as easy as reading up on each model. However, it will take some time on your part. The end result, however, will ensure you are happy with the luxury coupe you buy.

    Audi A5

    The all new Audi A5 is one of those luxury coupes that delivers high in handling, power, and attractive styling. The Quattro All-Wheel Drive System is really this model’s saving grace. With the handling that this system gives to the car, the steering does not feel as bad as it does. A direct-injected 3.2-liter V6 does a lot to give the Audi 265 horsepower that is not overwhelmingly fast, but provides a smooth, constant acceleration. The interior is roomy, but taller drivers probably will feel a little confined because of the low ceiling. Gas mileage rating hovers around the 17 MPG in the city with the automatic transmission. 

    BMW 335i Coupe

    The BMW is always a first class sedan that delivers in all aspects of performance, handling, looks, and value. The 335i Coupe is not exception. The incredible price tag of over $55,000 is one of the first things you see, but it should not deter anyone from looking further into this great 3-series car. The turbocharged, 3.0 liter engine delivers a great deal of torque that some say is a little bit too much for the lighter frame. However, the handling is little affected when driving down the road and taking care of all the corners without any swaying or plumb issues. 

    Infiniti G37 S Coupe

    The Infiniti G37 S is one of the more striking of the luxury coupes on the market today. Incredible lines, and and a great sporty look, will make sure that once you see this car, it is going to be hard to think about any others. The 3.7 liter V6 engine puts out over 330 horsepower with relative ease. The acceleration is steady and there is not hesitation when your foot pushes down on the accelerator. The stone leather seats are a great touch to the interior that only gets better. The roomy feel and great luxuries are a few of the reasons why this model stands out among the top of luxury sedan coupes.

    Acura ZDX

    Joining the luxury sports coupe world is the Acura ZDX. This great looking four door coupe gives sedan handling in a little bit smaller package. The powerful V6 engine, coupled with Acura’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive system give owners of the new coupe superior acceleration and handling no matter what the weather conditions are. At the top end of the price spectrum, there is a lot of value built in with great gas mileage and high mileage warranty. In keeping with coupe styling, the door handles are hidden from view to add more style and seamless lines.