• The Best Honda Accord Price: Realistic Expectations for Different Models

    The Honda Accord price is dependent upon several factors: the year it was made, body style, the extras it comes with, the Honda Accord mpg, etc. Finding the Kelley Blue Book value of a Honda Accord is often the first step to seeing what you can realistically expect to pay for this car.

    Changes in the Latest Honda Accords

    The Honda Motor Co. has added a couple of small, but significant changes to its latest Accord models. Bluetooth now comes standard in all the cars that have leather interiors. EX and EX-L Accord trims also feature rear-seat air ducts.

    The Price of a Honda Accord Coupe

    The Honda Accord coupe comes with manual and automatic transmissions and trims labeled as LX-S, EX and EX-L. You can expect to pay a little over $21,000 for a basic two door LX-S coupe with a manual transmission and standard equipment. This basic style can have an MSRP of up to $24,000, which is a couple thousand dollars over the invoice price. This markup is pretty standard. The automatic counterpart of the LX-S coupe with no frills will cost over $22,000. For the most part, Accords with automatic transmissions will run about $2,000 more expensive than those that are manual.

    The manual, two door EX coupe with standard equipment is a little pricier than the LX-S model at close to $22,700. An automatic transmission in the EX coupe will run over $23,000. If you prefer to have an EX-L trim with leather upholstery, plan to add $2,000 to the price of the coupe. A navigation system will also cost up to $2,000 as well. An EX-L coupe with a V6, 3.5 liter engine (as opposed to 2.4 L) will run close to $28,000 with an automatic transmission, plus another $2,000 to add navigation. The manual 3.5 liter engine will also cost as much as $28,000 without a navigation system, which can be added.

    The Price of a Honda Accord Sedan

    The sedan versions of the Accord come with four doors and trim styles called the LX, LX-P, EX and EX-L. The difference between the LX and LX-P sedans is that the transmissions of the LX-P’s have overdrive. A manual Accord LX will cost about $20,000, while an automatic will cost close to $21,000. The manual LX-P sedan will run for $21,000, which is $1,000 cheaper than its counterpart with an automatic transmission.

    The sedan-version of the Accord EX is cheaper than the coupe by about $200. Expect to pay $22,500 for one with a manual transmission, or $23,400 for an automatic. Again, adding leather seats for the EX-L version will cost a customer an extra $2,000, and navigation will add another $2,000 to the final price.  The V6, EX-L only comes with an automatic transmission and will cost close to $27,500 if it doesn’t have the $2,000 navigation system.

    The Honda Accord remains to be one of the most popular vehicles sold in the U. S. because of its dependability. Many consumers have found the price of this car to be higher than they’d like to pay for, but the higher price is made up for in the high resale value that Honda is known to have.