• The Best Family SUV: Models that Have the Most Seats and Entertainment Features

    Many of the qualities that make a good family SUV are inherent to the sports utility vehicle design itself. Large seat capacity, SUV leg room, cargo holds and spacious interiors are among the most popular considerations for the appearance and feel of a family vehicle. Additionally, many people concern themselves with the safety ratings of these cars and the fuel efficiency, as well as optional luxury amenities like DVD entertainment systems and more. Fortunately, there are a number of different SUVs that meet these criteria and are therefore popular choices for family vehicles. Read on for a brief overview of the most popular and best family SUVs.

    Honda CR-VThe Honda CR-V is a very popular choice for families. The primary reason for this is the exceptional interior space and seating of this vehicle. The CR-V comes with an optional third row seat, which is unique amongst many types of smaller SUVs. This seat can be added or removed as you like in order to make more room for luggage, cargo and other items that you may transport. The CR-V is also known for having an excellent safety rating and, because it’s a compact SUV, for getting better gas mileage than many other larger vehicles. Unfortunately, however, the CR-V comes standard with very little by way of luxury amenities. This keeps the price of the vehicle down, but may be a deciding factor for some people.

    Chevrolet TraverseThe Traverse is a top rated mid-size SUV that many people find to be an excellent choice for a family vehicle. It was recently named the Consumer Report top family SUV on the market for the latest model year. The Traverse provides a roomy, spacious interior that has optimal seating and leg room for all passengers. Because this vehicle is higher on the luxury end of the spectrum, it’s possible to get DVD entertainment setups, satellite radio and other features that are attractive to children. The Traverse is also known to have an exceptionally quiet engine and smooth ride, which are other important factors for many families looking to buy SUVs.

    Ford ExpeditionThe Expedition is Ford’s full size SUV model. This vehicle comes complete with three rows of seats, the rear of which is fully removable and collapsible. The interior is exceptionally spacious, providing ample room for a large family or for a single driver with several guests. There is also plenty of cargo space in the rear of the vehicle, even when the third row of seats is still in the Expedition. Additionally, the Expedition comes fully customizable with a wide range of entertainment features as well, making this one of the best choices for a family SUV. The price of an expedition tends to be higher than that of the CR-V or the Traverse.

    Ask a dealer for additional recommendations, and be sure to test drive SUVs before you make your final decision.