• The Best Consumer SUVs: Models that Have the Highest Ratings in Consumer Satisfaction

    Consumer Reports is one of the leading reviewers of SUVs and other vehicles on the road and comprises a set of ratings and reviews of consumer SUV cars. In a recent release, Consumer Reports has provided the names of the top rated SUVs in a variety of different classes for the 2010 model year. The list has changed somewhat from previous model years, so read on for a set of overall SUV ratings according to Consumer Reports. Many of these vehicles are affordable SUVs, while others are more luxury vehicles better suited for those on a higher budget.

    Chevrolet TraverseThe Traverse is a relatively new model of SUV from Chevrolet, and has taken the place of the Equinox in the line of Chevrolet vehicles. The Traverse is a full size SUV praised by consumers everywhere for its exceedingly spacious interior and comfort level. The Traverse is also known to have an especially smooth ride, which is a unique characteristic amongst SUVs. Best of all, the Traverse provides ample seating for several passengers, has fold down seats to modify the interior space if you need to transport large objects or lots of cargo, and is highly rated in terms of safety and overall driveability as well.

    Subaru ForesterThe Forester is a small size SUV, a vehicle that is partway in between the size and function level of a full size SUV and that of a sedan or standard vehicle. The result in vehicles of this type is they have some of the SUV power and off road capability and also better gas mileage and handling that are characteristic of smaller cars. The Forester is no exception, with excellent handling in comparison with all other SUVs and a competitive gas mileage rating that allows you to drive for greater distances on lower amounts of fuel. The Forester is also surprisingly spacious inside and provides a comfortable journey for those riding.

    Toyota TundraThe Tundra is another of the most popular SUV models according to consumer reports across the board. This vehicle is a good option for a standard SUV. It provides a solid and reliable ride that most people find to be smooth. The Tundra is also capable of hauling trailers, vehicles and other objects, making it a good choice for anyone who plans to put their SUV to work on at home or do it yourself projects. The Tundra is also an ideal choice for an off road vehicle, as it has a sturdy frame and powerful engine capable of traversing even the roughest terrain. Tundras are known as well for their longevity, provided you take good care of your vehicle and you maintain it properly.

    Ask a dealer for additional advice about consumer reports on SUVs, or speak with SUV owners in your area for their opinions before you make up your mind.