• The 5 Most Popular Classic Sports Cars: A Price Value Guide

    Classic sports cars are beautiful and graceful creations. The finely crafted and flowing body lines evoke visions and memories of better days. Some of the most popular cars for the classic sports car collector include any year Corvette, early Thunderbirds, most models of Porsche and to a lesser extent, the Fiat Dino Spider. Below you will find recent auction data from two of the largest classic and vintage car auction houses in the country regarding a few examples of the above mentioned vehicles.

    1956 Chevrolet Corvette

    The 1956 Corvette, from Chevrolet, was one of the first gas powered cars to come from the factory with a fuel injected engine. One unique feature of the early model Corvettes was that they were a hardtop car that with the flip of two levers could be turned in to a convertible for that “top down driving experience.” Early model ‘Vettes are very much sought after by collectors. At one recent auction, held this year in Palm Beach, California, a pristine ’56 ‘Vette sold for over $82,000. Another example sold at a different auction for $150,000.

    1953 ‘Vette

    This was the year the world was introduced to the ‘Vette, a car designed by Harley J. Earle, design genius for Chevrolet. Understandably, there aren’t very many of these ‘Vettes left and even fewer are being sold by their owners. The last auction listing available for this year is form an auction held in Scottsdale in 2007. At this auction a pristine example of a 1953 ‘Vette sold for more than $280,000.

    1955 Ford Thunderbird

    In 1955, Ford introduced the Thunderbird as competition to the “Vette. Introduced with a 292 Cubic Inch V-8 engine and a three speed automatic, the T-Bird appealed to a large number of people. Three very gorgeous examples f this year T-Bird sold recently at an auction in Long Beach for a wide variety of prices. The average price was $35,200, with the highest price being $47,300 and the lowest being $23,100.

    1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet

    To most people, the name Porsche is synonymous with sport cars. These cousins of the VW are very beautiful and prized cars with their owners and collectors. One of the most beautiful is the ’65 356C ‘Cabrio, or convertible. At an auction held in Scottsdale in 2005, a red over black example of this classic Porsche sold for $47,520.

    1967 Fiat Dino Spider

    If you mention the name Fiat to most people, they’ll tell you to stay away because the name stands for ‘Fix It Again Tony’. However, when given the love and attention that these beautiful examples of Italian artistry deserve, they are very reliable cars that are extremely exhilarating to drive. At an auction in Palm Beach on 2005, a very gorgeous example of the ’65 Dino Spider sold for a $24,800. Only 1800 of these cars were produced and only 176 were known to exist in the Unites States at the time of the sale.

    As you can see, prices for classic sports cars vary widely, depending on time of the year, region and of course make and model. Listed above you have been given information regarding pricing on some of the most popular sports cars ever.