• Tacoma Reviews: Where to Find Reliable Buyer Reviews

    You’re looking to buy a truck, but you need some Toyota Tacoma reviews in order to narrow your choices down some. You know you can go out and buy some automotive magazines and read the reviews there, but you’re more interested in reading reliable online reviews from current owners and buyers of the Toyota Tacoma truck. Continue reading below, and you will find a number of sites that have reviews from owners, buyers and automotive professionals, most of which are journalists.


    Cars.com is a site where you can find just about any piece of information regarding your buying decision that you may need or desire. At Cars.com, you can read a review from a professional journalist or a current or past owner of a Toyota Tacoma. You can also look into local and regional pricing, insurance questions, and financing options and questions. Some of the information points that you can find in a review here are as follows:

    • An overall rating
    • Comfort level
    • Performance
    • Handling
    • Value for the money
    • Safety ratings and recall information
    • And many others


    Autos.com is another full service site that offers you, the consumer, all of the information you should need to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your Toyota Tacoma. Reviews are just 1 piece of the information puzzle that can be found on Autos.com. You will find reviews from the automotive press as well as reliable online reviews from actual owners of the cars or trucks you are looking for information about.  However, Autos.com also employs a team of editors that reads reviews from third party sources then quantifies the reviews in a way that makes it easy to see at a glance. Some of the review points you can find in an Autos.com review are as follows:

    • Rankings according to expert reviews
    • Performance and handling
    • Resale value
    • Safety features
    • Passenger space
    • And many others


    This is one of the most respected sites on the web when it comes to automotive information. Reviews found here are mostly from the professional automotive press. But, like the previously mentioned sites, you will also find private party reviews here.  You will also find a Green Car Adviser here to inform you on developing trends and technologies concerning the environment and automobiles. Some of the review points found in reviews at Edmunds are as follows:

    • Performance
    • Comfort
    • Economy
    • Quality of construction
    • Reliability
    • And many others

    Forum Websites

    When it comes to getting up to date information about a specific topic, like a Toyota Tacoma, nothing can beat looking through a user/owner forum and Toyota forums are no exception to this rule. There are a number of sites that specialize in Toyotas, some that specialize in Tacomas and others that are for trucks.  If you read and join one of the Toyota forums, you will instantly be put in touch with a number of current and past Toyota owners and will be able to ask these owners any questions you may still have after reading reviews on the commercial automotive sites. Below you will find links to 3 of these Toyota forums:

    As you can see above, there are a number of different ways and places for you to obtain reliable online Tacoma reviews when researching your next truck.