• SUV or Minivan: Comparing the Pros and Cons to Know Which is Right for You

    A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) has many qualities that make it a great vehicle. Great for towing a boat and great during the winter. However, you may have four kids to haul around and for practical reasons a Minivan is more sensible. The dilemma of what is a better purchase, an SUV or Minivan, has and will puzzle many of us.

    The image of a Minivan might make some people reject it, but the imposing style of some SUVs can also make some people turned off. The best way to figure out this dilemma is to compare the best of both so the right decision can be made.

    SUV Specs

    Let’s first look at what makes an SUV so appealing to some. The three general areas that make them attractive are style, handle, and capability. The SUV is a sports vehicle and this gives it an image of fun and adventure. The style is rugged yet modern. If you do a lot of off-road driving or live in a climate that has tough winters the handle and driving of the SUV is ideal. It will have 4×4 capability and the rugged ability to take hills and wet pot holes with an ease seen in a truck. And at the same time you can be towing a boat or have your skis on top.

    Minivan Specs

    The Minivan is usually associated with hauling the kids around. However, the practicality and various amenities make this van a standard bearer for comfortable and sensible driving. The main characteristic to the minivan is its roominess and ability to taxi around up to 8 people comfortably. The second area of its usefulness is the smooth feeling one gets while driving a vehicle that has some size to it. The van also has the capability to haul things as well. Many times the back seats are taken out to make room for a new television or chair.

    SUV Comparison

    They have their differences, but the SUV can still have room for many people. Some newer types have installed a third row, similar to a Minivan. Because of the debate between the two many car companies have refurbished their SUVs to handle smoother and get better gas mileage.

    Minivan Comparison

    This van has its image, but it still has an ability to make it through a heavy snow while taking five kids to basketball practice while having room for groceries. The minivan has its utility to haul a variety of passengers and items while being a safe vehicle.

    SUV vs. Minivan

    The Minivan will most likely get better gas mileage, but the SUV will be more dependable for harsher driving conditions. The SUV can tow a boat or trailer, but the Minivan can haul 8 kids to a party in relative safety. The Minivan is a great family vehicle, but the SUV is a great multi-purpose vehicle.

    Who Wins?

    It is up to you to make the right pick. Take your daily driving schedule and see if the SUV makes sense for any harsh road conditions. Or does the Minivan seem ideal because of your need for space, and better gas mileage. No two situations are the same so take a deep look into yours to see what makes more sense.