• Supra Reviews: Where to Find Reliable Buyer Reviews

    If you wish to purchase a Toyota Supra, it’s a good idea to read online Supra reviews to find out information on vehicle performance, safety and fuel efficiency. There are several websites that offer both manufacturer and consumer reviews on most vehicles. These reviews list the advantages and disadvantages associated with owning any particular car. Although most websites offer similar car reviews and rankings, it’s best to read information from a reliable source to obtain an unbiased opinion. Reading reviews before making a new car purchase is part of the research involved in buying a vehicle. Most websites also offer inside information on new car deals, auto finance and car values. It’s therefore beneficial to do a little homework to make sure you get a quality car for the price you pay, and find out more about Supra customer satisfaction.

    Reliable Sources for Car Reviews Include:

    Consumer Guide Automotive

    This website is a good source of information on new and used car reviews and ratings. You can compare vehicles, view pictures and find out detailed information about vehicle specifications. Apart from this, the website allows you to find a trade in value for your car, locate dealers in your area, conduct a vehicle history check and obtain free car quotes.


    NADA GUIDES.com provides expert reviews, video reviews and owner ratings and reviews on most vehicles. This website allows you to read vehicle specifications, find out information on rebates and incentives and conduct a free VIN check. If you choose to register with NADA GUIDES, you can receive automated RSS feeds on your computer, to obtain the latest news on vehicle trends and test drives.

    Kelley Blue Book

    This is another reliable source of information on car values, reviews and loans. Since sales of the Toyota Supra were discontinued in the U.S. in 1999, some websites might not have detailed reviews on the car. However, the Kelley Blue Book provides valuable information on used car trade-ins and advice on selling your old vehicle. All new car buyers are advised to research the Kelley Blue Book to stay well informed on car values, in order to negotiate a good price on a new vehicle. The website also has a video library for reference.


    This website lists car reviews after careful evaluation of already published car ratings and rankings. If the Supra isn’t listed, you may find other cars in the same vehicle category. The website uses 5 criteria to rate all vehicles. These criteria include performance, exterior, interior, safety and reliability. You could also take a look at vehicle photos and videos for any car make and model.

    The Supra was formerly well known for its high powered engine and design that was similar to the Toyota Celica. Since Toyota stopped manufacturing the Supra in Japan in 2002, it’s best to visit the Toyota website to find out updated information on the latest cars available in the market.