• Salvaged Classic Car Junkyards: How to Find the Parts You Need for Cheap

    Currently, many classic car owners owners have discovered that they can find a lot of the parts they needed from a classic car junkyard, as opposed to buying parts in a store. There are great benefits to shopping this way, with the biggest one being the financial savings. Here are some tips to help you find the part you need at the price you can afford. 

    Step 1. Finding the Junkyard

    There are several ways to find a classic muscle car junkyard. One way of course would be word of mouth. Ask other classic car owners if they know of any junkyards. You can do some research on the Internet as well to find a classic truck junkyard in your area.  

    If there are none in your particular local area then you might need to be prepared to travel a little distance to find parts. Even though this may cost you a little bit in gas, it still may save you money in the long run over ordering from a specialty auto parts store or an online specialty shop. 

    Step 2. Finding the Parts

    When you find a junkyard to work with, there should be a section for classic cars or different makes of vehicles. Your job is to talk to the owner of the junkyard and find out where your car will be. Have a list of other cars you can pull parts from as well, so you have additional items to look into.

    Step 3: Saving Money on the Parts

    Once you have the part in hand, you can negotiate the price of it with the person who owns the junkyard. If you are buying more than one part or a whole car, ask for a bulk rate. Most people will cut you a break if you are planning to buy a lot of stuff from them. Do a little research to see what the parts are worth ahead of time, and use that to determine the price you offer.