• RORO Shipping: 7 Tips for Getting the Cheapest Rate Quote

    When it’s time to transport a vehicle a long distance, lots of owners are turning to “Roll on roll off,” or RORO shipping, in order to secure affordable transport. The roll on roll off method provides a basic service for transporting vehicles. A larger vehicle picks up a car or other personal ride and delivers it to a central location, where another vehicle may deliver it to a destination with door-to-door service. Alternately, the owner or owner’s agent picks the vehicle up from a central destination. Roll on roll off service can be an efficient solution for domestic transport, or for vehicles going on an international trip or being shipped overseas.

    Tips for Cheap RORO Shipping Rate Quotes

    Although every shipping situation is different, vehicle owners can get better rate quotes by using some common guidelines to lower costs for their transport needs. Here are some commonly reported tips for getting the best prices on vehicle transport.

    1. Get Multiple Quotes – You’ll never know if you got the best roll on roll off service quote unless you secure several different bids from different companies. Do your homework and let some solid comparison shopping save you money.
    2. Make a Vehicle Transport Ready – When a vehicle is not drivable or at least unsecured for easy roll-on, there may be additional costs involved. Think about the condition of your vehicle before signing a RORO shipping deal.
    3. Negotiate and Understand Customs and International Costs – If your vehicle is going across national boundaries, it helps to understand what border costs may apply, and to negotiate them into affordable packages with a RORO shipping service.
    4. Find Insurance Packages – Useful insurance coverage can be a large cost factor in RORO shipping rates. Look for the best competitive rates on insurance coverage for your vehicle’s trip.
    5. Choose from Offered Routes – Rather than trying to fit your transport into a shipper’s schedule, look around for a RORO shipping company that is “going your way.” This way, you’ll cut down on costs related to custom shipping.
    6. Skip Covered Shipping Services – If your vehicle is not vulnerable to the elements or has a paint job that doesn’t need elaborate protection, think about skipping some of the higher-cost protections. Keep in mind that container shipping may cost more than open-frame RORO shipping, and select your services accordingly.
    7. Cut Extras – You can also get cheaper RORO shipping rates by cutting down on extras like RORO tracking. In time sensitive cases, you may need these kinds of tracking tools, but at other times, choosing a more modest RORO shipping agreement can save you money.

    All of the above represent strategies for helping to make sure that RORO shipping costs are affordable and in line with the services that you need. Always ask about all of these aspects, including insurance and service description, before signing a deal.