• Roll On Roll Off (RORO) Car Transport Shipping: How it Works and the Costs Involved

    Using roll on roll off (RORO) transportation is one of several ways to get your car from one country to another. By understanding how the process works, you can fully consider it to determine whether it is the best option for you.


    One of the first aspects of roll on roll off transport companies to consider is the ports that they use. This will help you to determine how easy it is likely to be to get the car to the necessary area. Many companies will collect the car for you as part of their service, but will not object if you want to deliver the car to the ship yourself. Undertaking the latter may enable you to save money, as the cost will be reduced. The companies should have agents at all of the ports that they use to ensure that they can provide the best service.


    The services that you use through the roll on roll off carriers will determine how part of the cost is calculated. A full service will include collection and delivery of the vehicle, transportation and full insurance coverage. If you undertake any part of the process yourself, you will often be able to save money. In addition to the costs varying according to the company used, the costs will also change depending on the services used. The roll on roll off process is usually easier than its counterparts such as fitting it into a limit space in a plane or packing it into a container. You must ensure that you have sufficient insurance coverage for the value of the vehicle.


    When undertaking the process of auto shipping overseas, the destination will be one of the main factors in forming the cost. The further the distance the car has to travel, the higher the fee required to complete the process. The destination will also dictate the method of transportation that is possible. For example, a roll on roll off transporter can be used to drive a car across country, while a ferry or plane will be required if the car is being sent overseas.    


    Most roll on roll off transport companies will be able to transport any type of vehicle, which will determine the cost. High end and specialist cars will be more costly to transport than average vehicles, which will also be the case for vehicles that are larger than average. You will also find that there are companies that specialize in particular types of vehicle.


    The overall cost that it takes to get your vehicle from one point to another will vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Once you have made a decision about the level of services that you intend to use and the destination, you will be in a position to undertake some research. This will enable you to make precise comparisons between the different firms to determine which one to use.