• Risks and Rewards of Buying a Used Toyota Corolla

    Those looking for a used Toyota Corolla might want to know about commonly reported pros and cons of buying this vehicle. Looking over some of the common driving experiences for these kinds of cars can help families and individuals choose wisely at the dealer’s lot or in a private sale situation. Here are some of the points that car reviews bring up about buying this Toyota sedan.

    Rewards of a Used Toyota Corolla

    • A Great Track Record – The Toyota Corolla enjoys a history as a top rated economy car. Models from previous years drew accolades from drivers and experts. According to some car review sites, competitors have now “caught up” with Toyota in offering similar models to the Corolla, but many still feel that this car is a great choice for a pre-owned vehicle.
    • Good Fuel Economy – Drivers doing reviews on Toyota Corolla have reported great MPG or miles per gallon through recent model years. The power for the Corolla comes from Toyota’s 1.8L 4-cylinder engine that has a reputation for efficient power delivery and good gas mileage.
    • Different Styles – Although the 2010 Toyota Corolla is only available as a sedan, older models came in coupe and hatchback styles as well, meaning drivers have a choice for selecting used Corolla models.
    • Solid Engineering – The Toyota Corolla has a history of delivering a smooth ride well past the 100,000 mile mark. This has led to a lot of demand for this smaller car, and a lot more residual value in used models.
    • Decent Crash Test Rating – The NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates vehicles according to their safety in simulated crashes. Industry reports show the 2010 Corolla got a five star rating for the passenger’s side in a frontal impact, with four stars in each of the additional categories.

    Risks of a Used Toyota Corolla

    • Competition – Honda, Hyundai and Mazda are also offering economy sedans, and according to some top review sites, they’re blowing the Corolla away. The reality is probably more subtle, but many agree that Corolla has lost some of the edge it had in its market niche through the beginning of the decade.
    • Lackluster Driving Experience – New reviews of the Corolla complain of mediocre handling, feature packages and cabin design. Much of this review process is subjective, but drivers who take a page from those who professionally review all of the vehicles on the North American market may see that some design elements subtract from overall desirability for this car.
    • Corporate Troubles – As new issues come to light regarding the Toyota company, and recalls include Corolla models, there’s talk about whether the Toyota Corolla will hold its value in the way that it has in previous years. Many drivers are considering their relationship with Toyota for the future.

    The above points show some of what drivers are talking about when they look at the modern Toyota Corolla as one of many purchase options for the road ahead. Consider these aspects when you’re searching for a used Toyota Corolla.