• Risks and Rewards of Buying a Used Toyota Camry

    For those looking at a used Toyota Camry purchase, there are some specific pros and cons that go along with this kind of deal. Here are some of the risks and rewards associated with buying one of these Japanese sedans from a private sale or a certified used Camry dealer.

    Why to Buy

    • Desirability – Auto rating sites often agree that the Toyota Camry has been a prime mover among cars of its class since its debut in 1983. As a result, this personal car really holds its value. The Toyota Camry often has great resale potential, even beyond the 100,000 mile mark. Drivers rely on its Toyota design for a long term reliability and structural integrity.
    • Engine Choices – In the years that it’s been on the American market, the Camry is one of those cars that began to offer a V6 engine option in addition to the standard 4-cylinder. Toyota enthusiasts with a need for power can get a V6 upgrade as part of their used Camry buy.
    • Parts and Maintenance – The fact that there are a whole lot of Toyota Camry models on the American road means that drivers have a good chance of finding mechanics who can fix their rides. Used parts can also be easy to come by for those situations where drivers want to keep their Camry on the road for less.

    Risks of Buying the Toyota Camry

    • Safety Concerns – Although many drivers still consider Toyota among the top providers of safe and efficient vehicles, the accelerator pedal recall of 2010 has soured some consumers on the safety of the Toyota brand. In some cases, this may be more psychological than evident, but it’s always a good idea to look thoroughly into the details of a recall and get professionals to look at your throttle and acceleration system, especially when some of the fuel and acceleration tasking of an engine has become automated or computer-aided.
    • Features – Some car experts report that the Camry was slow to add some features to the standard model. For instance, industry reports indicate anti-lock brakes were not standard on the base model Camry until 2005. Always look at what specific safety and convenience gear comes with your Toyota purchase to make sure you have what you need for the road ahead.
    • High Book Value – With critics contending that the era of the Toyota brand is over, it may be helpful for prospective buyers to look at whether it’s worth paying a high price for a Toyota when the resale values may go down in the years ahead.

    The bottom line is that, while the Toyota Camry continues to be a top selling personal car with a relatively solid value, there are questions about whether Toyota will continue to be the force that it has been in American auto sales. Car shoppers can think about these various points when they’re looking at a certified pre-owned or other used Camry for sale in their local area.