• Requirements for a BMW Warranties

    BMW warranties are of two types, namely the manufacturer’s warranty and the certified pre-owned BMW extended warranty. The new BMW comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and many owners like to supplement this with an extended warranty. However, some models such as the BMW M3 series have both a 4 year warranty and 4 years maintenance benefit included at no extra cost on all new vehicles. This article enlists the various practices that can ensure your vehicle remains covered by these warranties.

    Owner Requirements for BMW Warranties:

    Routine Maintenance

    You should have your vehicle serviced regularly and keep the records and receipts so claims can’t be rejected on grounds of negligence. The receipt must have an odometer reading, the model of the vehicle and the Vehicle Identification Number listed. The receipt must also mention the brand name of oil and parts used in the servicing.

    Manufacturer Replacement Parts

    The BMW warranty management states that work carried out on a vehicle by a dealer who isn’t a member of the BMW dealer network wouldn’t invalidate the warranty as long as the replacement parts used are genuine BMW parts. Also, the servicing or repair work should be deemed adequate, else the dealer has a right to reject the claim.

    Terms and Conditions

    Only a manufacturer’s tow hitch should be installed, as installation of an aftermarket tow hitch can invalidate the warranty. Moreover, the vehicle shouldn’t be used in a competitive event or race, as there is a risk the warranty might become void. Remember that the odometer shouldn’t be altered or replaced, and it should be possible to determine the car’s mileage to ensure the vehicle is covered by the warranty. In addition, the Vehicle Information Number should be clearly legible and not removed or altered.


    If any modifications or performance enhancing accessories are attached, the warranty would be deemed void if these modifications alter the original operating specifications or original engineering specifications and damage original components. Also, if such modifications or accessories cause a short circuit, electrical interference, radio static, water leaks or wind noise, the warranty would be nullified. Hence, such modifications should be installed with due care.


    If there is damage resulting from negligence, improper repairs and towing of hitches or if there is corrosion due to cleaning agents, road salts and environmental influences, such damage wouldn’t be covered. Your car should thus be protected from the same.

    Salvaged Vehicles

    Before you buy a used vehicle, you should check the Vehicle Identification Number as a vehicle that’s written off and has a salvage title that isn’t covered by an extended warranty.

    Alterations to the Computerized System

    All new vehicles have On Board Diagnostics II ports which are computerized diagnostic tools for different parts of the vehicle. If the vehicle is modified so that the manufacturer can’t run the diagnostic, the warranty will be invalidated. Hence, such modifications should be monitored carefully or not carried out.

    It’s best to have your vehicle serviced regularly. You should keep the records and receipts so your vehicle enjoys full coverage from the BMW factory warranty and you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs.