• Realistic Classic Custom Car Insurance Rates: Quote Prices to Expect

    Classic custom car insurance can be very costly, certainly when compared to insurance for regular vehicles. The quote prices are going to vary from company to company, depending not only on the coverage you desire but also on several other factors.


    Antique car insurance and vintage car insurance is especially costly. As a general rule, the older the car the greater the insurance cost. These cars are rare and therefore more valuable. To keep insurance rates affordable, the car will need to be kept somewhere secure. The drivers will all have to be over 25, own other vehicles for normal driving, and have no accidents or serious infractions on their records. Without these, even the best custom car insurance rates will soar.


    Finding good rates for classic custom car insurance isn’t easy. There are several companies that specialize in this type of insurance. They understand the particular needs of classic and custom car owners and can tailor the insurance to fit.

    Auto insurance companies will also insure these vehicles, although it can be difficult to find exactly what you need in their offerings. There are too many specific things that custom car owners require. That makes classic custom car insurance more expensive. Add in the other factors and the rates will usually be $1,000 per year or more. The rarer the car the higher, the insurance premium will be. The more the vehicle and drivers meet the restrictions desired by the insurance company, the lower the rate will be. Be warned, however, that it’s impossible to find truly cheap classic custom car insurance.