• Pros and Cons of the Used Car Return Policy

    A used car return policy carries with it inherit advantages as well as potential disadvantages, both for the person returning the used car as well as the next car owner. Below are some of the basic pros and cons, as well as a few other things to look for.

    Return Policy Pros

    One of the biggest advantages of a used car return policy is that you can drive off the lot feeling relatively safe about your purchase, should your car suddenly decide to break down before you get to the first street light. In addition to government used car return policies (which vary from state to state; be sure to see what your state’s policy is), many dealerships offer some sort of return policy as well. This not only assures the buyer of their rights if they purchase a “lemon,” but also lends credibility to the dealership, which is something to look for before making any purchases.

    Return Policy Cons

    There are two major ones that you should be aware of. First, if you purchase your car from an individual, you are likely going to be stuck with any problems that came with the car the moment you drive off in it. Likewise, many smaller dealerships do not offer a used car return policy. The big disadvantage with those that do offer a return policy is that they are often larger dealerships, who are going to charge a higher price that smaller dealerships and individuals.

    Key Things to Look For

    Always check into a car buyer’s guide to find out key things to check in a used car before making a purchase. Request a car history report, and use that combined with the car’s blue book price to determine if it is really worth it. Also, in buying used cars, you should always request to look at the dealership’s car inspection checklist. And lastly, be sure to fully understand all the fine print of their used car return policy.

    While not the end all be all of what you should consider in purchasing a used car, this will at least guide you through any major purchasing and returning problems.