• [number] Electric Vehicle Car Battery Facts

    An electric vehicle car is propelled through a traction battery. They are different to the starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries that are used in non-electric vehicles because they are designed to provide power over a long period of time. They are usually the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, and there are several different important facts to understand.

    1. Cost

    When comparing the cost of an electric battery to the cost of electricity used, the battery comes out far more expensive. There is alot of development currently being carried out into electric car batteries, and it is hoped that in the future there will be an initiative that will help to reduce the cost. A battery exchange or swap system has been suggested, and it is expected that with enough investment this scheme could help to reduce the cost of an electric car battery.

    2. Charging

    Electric vehicles must charge their batteries periodically to save them from going flat. The most common method is to use the powergrid and recharge them at home, a shop or a recharging point. The time that it takes to charge an electric car battery has come along way since 1995 when it took one hour. A handheld device was released in 2005 which claims to charge a vehicle’s battery in only 60 seconds, however most people prefer to just plug in their vehicle at home and charge it over night.

    3. Range

    The distance a battery will power a vehicle will depend upon several different factors such as the terrain, weather and the driver. Furthermore, the weight and size of the vehicle will also have an effect, as does the chemistry of the battery.

    4. Removing and swapping

    There is an alternative to recharging your battery and that is to exchange it for fully charged batteries. Exchange stations are available for anyone wanting to do this, and here you will be able to swap your flat battery for one that is working.

    If you are considering getting an electric vehicle then make sure you take good care of your battery and keep it fully charged. It is just as important to your current vehicle as petrol was to your previous.