• [number] Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Car

    Buying a certified pre owned car comes with some benefits that warrant the heightened price tag. It is no secret that certified cars will sell for much more than the same used car, without a warranty or dealer certification. There are many reasons for this and they are listed below.

    1. No one wants to buy a lemon vehicle. A lemon is a car that has many problems that are reoccurring, such as multiple engine problems. Many used cars out there are indeed lemons. Some sellers try and be sneaky by not telling you anything. To ensure you are not getting a lemon, people buy certified pre owned cars from a dealership. You never know what you are getting when you buy a car from a private seller. Since there is no warranty, there is really no recourse in the event of a problem and you are stuck with the car. This can’t and won’t happen with a certified pre owned vehicle.
    2. A certified car comes with a CPO warranty. This warranty is usually for two years, which starts after the original warranty is up. Most certified cars still have some time remaining on their original warranty. Buyers reap the benefits of the original and then the CPO warranty. These warranties include things such as maintenance, as well as roadside assistance and other things.
    3. Piece of mind is priceless. Buying a certified pre owned vehicle gives you that piece of mind. You know your car was tested to the extreme to ensure it is just as good as it was when it came off the showroom floor. The cars are put through inspection tests with many test points (usually a couple hundred different tests are done). 
    4. Certified pre owned vehicles usually have very low mileage. Most programs require cars to be under a certain number of miles, like 50,000. The cars have not been driven that much, so they are still fairly new and worth it to buy.
    5. The cars also have clear titles and never can be in any major accidents beforehand. You are getting the original car in great shape for a lower price.
    6. Buying a certified car does cost more than if you were to buy from a private seller. However, you are still getting a great deal. Think of it this way. You are looking to buy a luxury car but can’t afford to pay the $40,000+ price tag on it brand new. If you can wait a year or two, likely you can find the same car in practically the same condition as a certified pre owned car. The only difference is the price tag. Although it will be a little higher than a private seller, you are still looking at about a 50% price break compared to what you could have paid a year ago.

    Overall, the certified pre owned car process is an excellent way to get a great car at a lower price than what you could have paid for it. The quality will be the same, and more importantly, you will get precious piece of mind while driving.