• Nissan Warranty Coverage Options

    If you’re in the market for a new Nissan vehicle, be aware that the Nissan warranty package offered by the manufacturer is an excellent offer. Nissan offers a warranty guarantee on all new vehicles to come out of its manufacturing line as a way of ensuring customers these cars are of high quality and will not break down in a short period of time. In order to back up this guarantee, Nissan will offer to repair or replace any damaged components to your vehicle while the warranty that comes along with the car is still valid and in effect. A Nissan factory warranty or an extended Nissan warranty will help to protect your investment,  ensure your vehicle is in excellent shape and is fully operable for many years to come after you’ve purchased the car.

    Standard Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

    The basic Nissan warranty guarantee involves a bumper-to-bumper promise. This means that Nissan will cover virtually all repairs and replacements, as well as the labor and other factors that may incur costs to you, for the entire vehicle. The only general exceptions to this rule are parts of the car that wear down naturally in a short period of time. These include the brake pads, components of the oil system and a few other parts of your vehicle. Generally, however, while this standard bumper-to-bumper warranty is in effect, Nissan will repair and replace any part of your vehicle that becomes damaged or defective due to wear and tear. The standard bumper-to-bumper warranty that Nissan offers is good for 3 years from the time of purchase of the vehicle or for 36,000 miles of driving on the vehicle, whichever comes first.

    Powertrain Warranty

    Nissan also offers a powertrain warranty for all new cars that come out of its factory. The powertrain on your Nissan car consists of the engine itself as well as the transmission and the computer system that helps to control the transmission, the drive axle and more. The powertrain warranty will help to replace and repair these components of your vehicle when they become damaged or defective during the warranty guarantee duration, which is for 5 years or for 60,000 miles of driving, whichever comes first. the powertrain warranty for Nissan cars is limited, so it’s not entirely comprehensive. The manufacturer will therefore not pay for every potential problem that might occur, nor will they pay always for the entire cost of a particular damage.


    Security+Plus is an extended warranty option for Nissan vehicles. This warranty guarantee effectively extends the lifetime of the standard warranty to come on the Nissan vehicle. There are a variety of different expansion options, though the most popular extends the bumper-to-bumper coverage option up to 5 years or 60,000 driven miles.

    For more information about Nissan warranties, consult with a Nissan dealer today.