• Nissan Extended Warranty Coverage Options

    Nissan is known for providing an excellent warranty on new cars, but many people nonetheless choose to purchase a Nissan extended warranty for their vehicle. This provides added peace of mind and helps people to drive their vehicles comfortably as they know their car and driving will be protected by the manufacturer’s extended guarantee. A Nissan sedan warranty and a Nissan Altima extended warranty are the same. All Nissan cars have the same three extended warranty options from which you can choose. Read on for an overview of these three options.

    Security+Plus Extended Warranty Option

    The Security+Plus extended warranty option that Nissan provides is the most comprehensive extended warranty for all Nissan products. It is available for purchase at any time during the initial standard warranty validity period (which is for 3 years or for 36,000 driven miles on your car, whichever comes first). There are a number of Security+Plus sub plans from which you can choose. The more basic of these plans cover the same components of the vehicle as the powertrain warranty (the transmission system, transmission system guiding computer, the engine and the drive axle) but extend the warranty protection up to 10 years and 100,000 miles of driving.

    The more expensive the Security+Plus plan, the better the protection coverage it offers. Moving up in coverage levels, Security+Plus plans also help to protect electrical components of your car, braking systems, air conditioning, rear and front suspension, audio systems and more. Generally, the more comprehensive plans cover many of the same systems but provide coverage for a larger number of components within those individual systems. For more information about the many Security+Plus extended warranty programs, and to decide which is the best for your needs, contact a Nissan service provider near you.

    QualityGuard+Plus Extended Warranty Option

    The QualityGuard+Plus extended warranty option is specifically designed for pre-owned and certified vehicles. These vehicles will need to have an active warranty at the time of purchase in order to be enrolled in this program. Like the Security+Plus option, QualityGuard+Plus provides a variety of different types of coverage, including powertrain, braking systems and more.

    Maintenance+Plus Extended Warranty Option

    The Nissan Maintenance+Plus extended warranty plan provides you with a full maintenance and service check on your car after a certain number of years or driven miles. This is a great plan to choose if you’re interested in having a Nissan specialist examine your car periodically in order to ensure the vehicle is operating smoothly. Because it is the cheapest of the Nissan extended warranty coverage options, however, the Maintenenance+Plus extended warranty program does not cover as many different components and other parts of your car as the previous two extended warranty plans. Still, you’ll be able to have a professional examine your car and tell you if there are any issues you’ll need to be aware of.

    If you have any further questions about the variety of Nissan extended warranty programs, contact a Nissan representative today.