• New Car Buying Services to Avoid

    While new car buying services can be a huge help, choosing the wrong one can cost you money and time. There are a few types you will want to avoid. Here’s how you can spot the services that aren’t working for you.

    Dealer Backed Services
    Many car brokers are actually run by car dealerships. Some of them may not be owned by a dealership but get kick backs from a few dealerships. These car buying services aren’t working for you, they are working for the dealership. This means you won’t always get the best price on a car you are looking for. Ask questions about their relationships before you decide to work with one.

    Very Few Services
    If a new car buying service won’t offer to help with car financing, or they won’t help negotiate car buying process, then you may want to look elsewhere. There are plenty of car buying services and brokers who will offer these services for no additional money. It makes sense to get the most for your money, so why would you choose a service that only offers to find the car for you and leave the rest to you? The answer is it doesn’t. Finding a car buying service isn’t hard. You just need to know what to look for, and more importantly, what to avoid.