• New Car Buying Services That Are Worth Knowing About

    Many people use new car buying services to save a lot of money when shopping for a new car or truck. Sometimes car buying services are referred to as car brokers; however, not all car buying services actually broker individual car deals. Some of the best car buying services actually broker deals for entire member groups or organizations. Here are a few of the better car buying services that you should know about:

    Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program
    Sam’s Club is part of the Wal-Mart Corporation, and operates a chain of wholesale, membership-based warehouses throughout the country. Sam’s Club is present in many communities throughout the United States, and has brokered deals with participating dealers to offer Sam’s Club members very low, no-hassle and no-haggle pricing on new cars. Using a volume buying approach, Sam’s Club has managed to negotiate very low prices on new cars for Sam’s Club members.

    Costco Auto Program
    Costco is another membership based wholesale warehouse chain that operates in the United States. Like Sam’s Club, Costco works with participating dealers in providing pre-arranged new car pricing for its members. Currently, Costco boasts 2,400 participating dealers in its car buying program. Therefore, buyers in virtually any part of the country can take advantage of the low prices the program provides.

    AAA New Car Price Guarantee
    Another very popular car buying program is that sponsored by AAA. AAA’s car buying program also involves providing prearranged new car pricing for its members, through participating dealers. AAA also offers its members no-haggle pricing on new cars, and also guarantees that participating dealers will beat any lower advertised price found by $100.