• Luxury Sport Cars: A Buyer’s Guide Checklist

    A fast rising class of vehicle in the market today are luxury sport cars. This type of vehicle contains all of the luxuries that one would commonly find in a high end sedan, with a sporty look, handling, and power. Several manufacturers such as Lexus, Audi, Acura, and Mercedes Benz are producing quality luxury sport cars that are both affordable and reliable. If you are currently looking at luxury cars for sale, here is a short guide to help you find a luxury sport car that will fit your overall needs.

    1. Price Means a Lot

    There are a lot of sports cars that are on the market that have a very high beginning price point. However, those luxury sport cars are in the $35,000 price range and still deliver with high end amenities. Cars like the Mercedes Benz C300, Saab 9-3, and Volvo S40 are all great examples of luxury cars that are reasonably priced. Look at some of these other alternatives to buying a luxury sports car rather than just seeking out the high end models.

    2. V6 Engines Are Standard

    Luxury sport cars are not going to be the true sports car like a Ferrari or a Corvette. They are going to deliver in two respects. One is comfort and style, and the other is handling and responsiveness. Because of this immense speed, it is not a requirement for a luxury sports car. Using a V6 power plant, with anywhere from 2.0 to 3.5 liter engines, give the car both adequate power and great engine to car weight ratio for better handling. With a V6, you can still reach up to 320 horsepower in some models for zipping around the highways, as well as takeoff power in the city streets.

    3. Comfortable Interior

    When choosing the best sports car for your needs you do not have to settle for a small two seater. While this type of vehicle is great for young couples, or a single person, a family will not be uncomfortable trying to fit into these smaller cars. A luxury sports sedan like a Lexus will handle 5 passengers very comfortably while still maintaining sports car status. Look for sports cars that have some extra room for either passengers or stowing travel gear.

    4. Maintenance Value

    When buying a luxury vehicle of any type, the biggest value is not in its looks, but in its maintenance factor. Many of the newer cars like Hyundai Genesis, and Acura TL have 100,000 mile warranties with them from the factory. This means they are not going to have a lot of problems with breakdowns and faulty parts. This should factor greatly into the decision to buying luxury sport cars. 

    5. Safety Rating

    Today’s vehicles are among some of the most highly rated in terms of safety. When looking at a sports car, you should always check into how the car stands in terms of safety. The Lexus, Audi, Saab, and Volvo brands have always carried very high ratings in this area. Recently Acura, BMW and Hyundai, have also become world leaders in terms of safety innovations.