• Luxury Car for Sale: 7 Negotiating Tips for Lower Prices

    When trying to find a luxury car for sale, you should remember the best used luxury cars are the ones that are not only reliable, but affordable as well. So, in order to help you find the best price on luxury cars, here is a list of tips that can help you save some money.

    Pre-Arrange Financing

    Arrange car financing before you ever visit the dealership. Having pre-approved financing in hand, then will you value to concentrate more on the sales price of the vehicle and not on monthly car payments, which can be used by the salesperson to entice you to purchase the vehicle.

    Find Out Dealer Invoice Cost

    Visit websites like the Kelley Blue Book pricing guide or the Edmunds pricing guide to find out dealer cost for any type of luxury vehicle. If you’re purchasing a used luxury car, know beforehand what the average retail and private party selling prices are for the vehicle. This will help you to avoid paying too much at the dealership.

    Use Dealer’s Competitors against them

    Don’t be afraid to use prices offered by the dealership’s competitors against them. If you have prices on similar vehicles, make sure that the salesperson knows you’ve done your homework and know how much a new or used cost vehicle should cost. In fact, if you find a low price for a luxury car online, print out the ad and take it with you to the dealership. When you get there, ask the dealer if they can meet or beat the price you found online.

    Don’t Go Inside to Negotiate

    A common tactic of sales managers and better salespeople is to get you to come inside and negotiate the price of the vehicle. Once they have you in the office, you are right where they want you to b–on their turf. So avoid going into the sales managers office unless you have been offered a price that is reasonable and acceptable to you.

    Take a Copy of Your Driver’s License with You

    You should always test drive any vehicle you are interested in buying. However, don’t give your driver’s license to the salesperson. They will probably tell you they need to make a copy of the license so you can test drive the luxury car, and this is usually true. So, be prepared and make several copies of your driver’s license before you visit the dealership. Show them the original and then provide them with a copy. Some salespeople like to keep your driver’s license hostage until you break down and buy a car.

    Shop at the End of the Month

    Most new and used car dealerships have quotas for the number of vehicles they are expected to sell in any given month. Sometimes, if you visit the dealership near the end of the month, you may find that sales managers are more agreeable to lower prices on luxury cars. This is because they need to sell a certain number of cars to be eligible for bonuses or other incentives.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

    Finally, you should be aware that there will be times when you cannot successfully negotiate a good deal on a luxury car at the dealership. Therefore, don’t be afraid to simply walk away and leave them to think about your offer. Give them your telephone number and tell them to contact you when they are willing to be reasonable and offer you a fair deal. You’ll be surprised how many times the dealership will call you to follow up or offer you a lower price.