• Luxurious Cars: 5 Must Have Features

    In the world of luxurious cars there are some necessities that must be a part of the car. These little necessities are what make a luxury car what it is. For some people a BMW would not be a BMW without its great engineering and safety features. Here is a short list of the absolute must have features in luxurious cars.

    1. Power

    A luxury car is all about convenience and comfort. Luxury car accessories such as power seats, power windows, power doors, automatic heaters, seat warmers, self leveling headlights, automatic back up alarms and even automatic parking are all parts of what make a luxury car something that many people desire. 

    2. Special Features

    When you read luxury car reviews you will almost always read about some of the special features that a particular car may have. These can be things like home theater systems, personal climate controls and even Bluetooth capability for computer use. Luxury cars must be loaded with special features.

    3. Keyless Entry

    Some high end luxury cars have tremendous technology built into them. Mercedes Benz is a great example of this. Their keyless entry can recognize you coming from up to 100 feet away and automatically unlock doors before you get there. 

    4. Seamless Integration 

    When you look at a luxury car like a Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti or Acura you will see what seamless integration actually is. Each of the exterior and interior lines look like they were built from one endless mold. Hidden latches, low profile mirrors, and other aspects create a pleasing look. Inside, all leather interiors offer a seamless transition from console, to dash, roof and seat. 

    5. Advancing Innovation

    One thing that all of the luxury cars do better than others is push the envelope of innovation. One of the must haves in each new year’s model of luxurious cars is innovation as far as technology, safety and ride.