• Low Auto Transport Rate: 5 Tips for Getting a Low Quote

    If you’re looking for a low auto transport rate to have your vehicle shipped to another destination, you need to keep in mind a few guidelines. Although the most economical way to transport your vehicle from one place to another is to drive it on your own, it isn’t always feasible. It can also be a dangerous proposition, particularly if the vehicle is more than 10 years old. You should therefore contact a few transport companies to get the vehicle safely shipped or transported.

    1. Shop Around

    Do a little homework and compare rates offered by various shipping and transport companies. If the vehicle doesn’t have to be shipped overseas and needs to be transported to another state, consider using the open truck transportation option offered by most companies. Single vehicle and enclosed vehicle transport services will be more expensive than the open truck transport option.

     2. Compare Quotes Online

    Use the Internet to get quotes from different companies. You could visit websites like Direct Express Auto Transport or 123Movers.com to get instant quotes.

    3. Package Deals

    If you have to transport your household items along with the vehicle, consider using the same moving company to get a better deal. Most companies offer you package deals when you ship a vehicle and household items together.

    4. Contact Companies in Your Neighborhood

    Apart from doing your research online, look through your daily newspaper or the Yellow Pages to find listings of different transportation companies located in your area. Contact them and compare their quotes with the ones you’ve obtained online.

    5. Read Terms and Conditions

    After obtaining the quote, read the terms and conditions carefully to find out if there are any hidden costs. Read online reviews to determine the company’s customer satisfaction rating and also research the Better Business Bureau to learn more about any given company.

    Although you should do a quote comparison to get the best deal, make sure you find out if the price includes insurance, taxes and other administration costs. If you’re shipping the vehicle overseas, it will have to clear vehicle inspections. If the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection it might need modification and it’s best to keep in mind these costs before signing the auto transport contract.