• Learning Electric Car Engine Efficiency

    The main component or source of an electric car engine is the battery. In order to achieve high power to the car you will need more battery power.  This power used to run the electric car engine turns the car’s wheels through a series of mechanisms called a transmission. To charge the electric car battery you need plug it into a regular electric connection and charge it. The electric car engine can also be built by converting an existing gasoline-powered car using a DC controller and a DC motor. A hybrid car engine combines a fuel efficient gas engine with an electric motor powered by batteries.

    Both electric and hybrid cars use technology designed to decrease the use of gasoline fuel to power their engines.

    Advantages of using an Electric Vehicle

    • No tail pipe exhaust leading to less greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide
    • You charge your car at your convenience
    • No reliance on foreign oil
    • Cost effective because of long-lasting battery

    Advantages of Using Hybrid Car Engine

    • In electric motors, battery is the source of energy back up
    • Smaller engines producing less air pollution
    • Have low-rolling resistance tires that help reduce drag
    • Not expensive to maintain due to less amount of engine wear and tear


    Even though both the electric and hybrid car engines have great advantages, they have a few drawbacks. Electric cars need advanced planning to charge the battery. The main drawback with the hybrid engine car is that they are more expensive than traditional cars and quite a number of mechanics don’t know how to work on them, which makes finding a replacement very difficult.