• Is the Tesla Electric Car Worth the Hype?

    You might have heard about the Tesla electric car. It’s certainly one of a kind. There are not that many production full electric vehicles today (although several more are available soon). Most of the ones that can be purchased are NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), meaning they have limitations in terms of maximum speed or the distance they can travel on a charge. The Tesla electric car Roadster throws such limitations out like yesterday’s trash.

    A Sports Car by any Test

    While some of the other electric cars on the horizon are sporty, the Tesla Roadster is a sports car. It looks like a European designed vehicle from Ferrari or Porsche. The sports car comparisons aren’t just skin deep, though. This isn’t just a sporty electric car. The Tesla Roadster is a true sports car in terms of performance, too. The motor on either the base or sport model can deliver a remarkable 288 horsepower. Both models can do zero to sixty in under four seconds. Comparisons that put it right in the same range as a 2010 Chevrolet Corvette. The top speed on the Tesla Roadster is 125 miles per hour.

    Pure Electric is Good for Several Reasons

    This car isn’t a hybrid, but rather a full electric vehicle. It can go an impressive 236 miles on a single charge. Typical charging (with a special 220 outlet) can be achieved in about three and a half hours. Since it’s fully electric you will spend money on electricity, but never on gasoline. That also means you won’t be pumping harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, this vehicle can qualify you for special tax incentives offered by the government for “green” vehicles. It is also exempt from emissions testing.

    Pricing Means Exclusivity

    If you are wondering why everyone isn’t running out to get this vehicle, the pricing is the reason. The Tesla Roadsters are not for everyone. These are poised in the market for the same type of car buyers that purchase the European sports cars. The base price for a Tesla electric Roadster starts over $100,000. That makes it a vehicle that is definitely not for everyone.

    If you’ve been wondering if the Tesla electric car is really worth all of the the hype it’s gotten, the simplest answer is “yes”. The vehicle is a true sports car that performs as well as any number of gasoline-powered high performance cars. It can go further on a charge than the other electric cars on the market. It uses no gasoline and therefore produces no carbon emissions. These things combine to make the Tesla Roadster something of an electric car superstar. The price, though, will keep the majority of drivers from getting behind the wheel of one of these. If you have the money, though, it’s a great way to enjoy a real sports car while doing your part for the environment. You can find more information (including where to buy the car) at Tesla’s website.