• Is a Car Donation Center Reliable?

    You want to find a car donation center. This is admirable, but you don’t want your vehicle going to a car donation scam where the proceeds are going to end up in somebody’s pocket instead of benefiting needy people in your community. Here are some ways to make sure you avoid this pitfall.

    Avoid Those with Bad History

    The best way to make sure you find a reputable car donation center is to avoid donating your car to an organization that has had scandals in its past. Use the web to look up past news stories about car donation organizations. Ask friends and coworkers who have donated cars in the past who they donated to, and whether they were happy with the process and the end result.

    Reliable Car Donation Organizations

    Try and avoid using a local or regional car donation organization. Being smaller, they most likely won’t have the contacts than the larger organizations will have, and will end up having to use more of the proceeds from your car paying to dispose of it. Avoid newer organizations for the same reason. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints about any charitable organizations you’re thinking about using.


    If you’re a veteran, you may wish to consider using the Purple Heart Car Donation Organization. This organization uses all of the proceeds from donations to assist disabled veterans, which there are currently more and more of needing help.

    Nobody wants to be scammed. The information above has been provided to help you avoid falling into a car donation scam.