• Ideas for Toyota Prius Accessories to Buy

    Choosing the right Toyota Prius accessories will help you personalize your vehicle and give it all of the capabilities that you need. Automotive accessories help dress up your car. They give it shine, color and personality. Accessories range from chrome parts like filler doors, to sport dual wipers and bras or hood protectors. This article is going to give you a list of accessories for your 3rd generation Prius.

    Where you go to purchase you Toyota Prius accessoriesiIs up to you. The Toyota website and dealership will carry official Toyota-branded and approved accessories which will usually be of the same quality as much lower priced parts. Regional and national chains like O’Reilly, Kragens, Checkers and Schucks and Pep Boys and Autozone will have a large selection of competitively priced accessories and generic options. Catalog companies like JC Whitney and Crutchfield carry a large array of accessories and electronic equipment at very competitive prices. Online auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and craigslist will be a great source for a large collection of Toyota Prius accessories at very good prices.

    Hood Protectors and Dashmats

    Hood protectors are usually better known as bras. These can be purchased just about anywhere you can find automotive parts and accessories. Dashmats are used to cover the dashboard. Many people use them to provide friction, allowing them to place items like cell phones and sunglasses on the dash without them sliding away. These are also available at almost every auto parts store.

    Navigation Systems

    There are a number of different navigation systems available for your 3rd generation Prius. One of the factory options has a touch screen interface and will allow connectivity to your iPod via a USB interface cable and port.

    Car Covers

    These items can be found anywhere car parts can be bought. Covercraft makes  a Toyota approved cover which is available at Toyota dealers, online and every parts chain store. A car cover will protect your car’s paint from the effects of weather as well as all except the most intent vandals.

    Floor Mats

    Floor mats protect the carpet from wear, damage and soiling. They are removable for easy cleaning. A company called ExactMat makes what is called the Original Clear Floor Mat for the Toyota Prius. An item of note about ExactMats is that they are treated with an anti-bacterial agent, providing a level of health safety.


    Everybody knows what these are. You see them in cars all over the place. Sunshade makes the Heatshield for Toyota Prius that is multiple pieces and covers all of the windows, providing thermal protection to every window.

    Steering Wheel Covers

    Steering wheel covers can protect your hands from the effects of your car being in the hot sun all day. They can also provide improved grip. 1 of the leaders in making steering wheel covers is Wheelskins. Steering wheel covers come in a variety of materials and colors. Some are multi-colored, while others are only 1.

    Toyota Prius accessories are a great way to make a statement with your 3rd generation Prius and tell the world that this car is definitely yours.