• Hybrid Plug In Car Tips That Save Money

    So, you have a plug in hybrid or are thinking of buying one, and you want to know how to save some money with it. From when to charge your car to tax breaks, this article is here to help you with money saving tips and advice to help you save money while saving the environment.

    Tax and Governmental Incentives

    One of the first ways to start saving money on your hybrid comes as soon as you drive off the lot. Until April 1st, 2010 you can still receive governmental tax incentives to help bring the price of your new hybrid car down and start saving money.

    Once the car is yours, make sure you drive home in the HOV lane. Because of a $284 billion highway bill, a majority of states allow drivers with hybrids but no passengers access to the HOV lane allowing your car to put its fuel saving capabilities to use.

    Most states also offer discounts on financing, state taxes and license fees which help save you money when it comes time to buy your vehicle and every year when it comes time to renew your registration.

    Reduced Running Costs

    Aside from the reduced costs associated with lower fuel consumption, taking proper care of your hybrid can be easy and save you money. Start by checking out your warranty. As an incentive for purchasing a hybrid and to assure people of the new technology, most hybrids come with an incredibly long warranty for the hybrid systems. These extended warranties can really save you money on any problems or repairs that might arise while you own your vehicle.

    After your warranty has expired and repairs need to be made, a great way to save money and keep your car running is to find an independent mechanic specializing in hybrid vehicles. Qualified mechanics have been popping up all over the country specializing in the more complicated electrical systems of hybrids, and they can usually make the same repairs at a fraction of the cost of a dealer.

    Sticking to your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is another great way to help keep money in your pocket. Hybrids need less conventional maintenance then regular vehicles, and following your scheduled maintenance plan can help keep your car running smoothly and keep you from spending money on repairs you don’t need.

    Keeping Your Car Charged

    Charging your car is one of the most important things you do to keep it on the road. While a hybrid saves you money on the price of gas, the cost of keeping your car charged has to come from somewhere. This cost comes in the form of an increase in your home electricity bill associated with charging your car at home. The best way to cut down on these costs is by finding out the peak power usage times for your area and charging your vehicle during the down times. Power companies charge less for power usage during off-peak hours and this can translate into big savings.

    As we have seen there are a lot of ways you can save money on your hybrid vehicle. They are easy to do and require very little time and effort but can really add up to great savings for you; just make sure you know what your warranty entails, when to take it in for regular maintenance and when to recharge your batteries and you’ll not only be helping save the environment but saving yourself money while you’re at it.