• Hybrid Car Cost: Is It Worth It For You?

    With the rising cost of fuel more people have been questioning whether hybrid car cost is worth considering. Hybrid vehicles use two sources of power, electricity and a conventional combustion engine. They use much less fuel than traditional vehicles, and their batteries do not need recharging like electric vehicles do. They also create far less pollution. However, whether a hybrid vehicle will save you money depends upon several different factors.


    There are a variety of different hybrid vehicles available on the market for consumers. Two of the most popular are the Toyota Prius and Honda’s Civic Hybrid. These cars start at about $22,000. There are plenty other hybrid vehicles available manufactured by the likes of Ford, Chevrolet GMC and Dodge and it will be important to shop around to get the best price.

    Tax credits

    One of the main advantages of purchasing a hybrid vehicle if you are intending to save money is that you could receive a tax credit from the government. Hybrid car tax credit is available to all vehicles purchased or placed into service after 31st December 2005. The amount available will depend upon the vehicle, however you could receive up to $3400. Check out the government advice on hybrid vehicle tax breaks.


    If you own a hybrid vehicle then you are not only responsible for maintaining one source of power, but two. The battery and the combustion engine will need maintaining and the cost of this could prove to be high in the long term. Although the reports so far on hybrid vehicle maintenance are good, it is important to remember that long term the components in the vehicle could go wrong at any time. Batteries on some hybrid vehicles are estimated at being $2000, and the potential for resale of the vehicle’s has also been questioned.

    If you are thinking about getting a hybrid vehicle to save on costs, then you should carefully consider your options. For many people the cost will be beneficial in the long term, however it is important to do your research beforehand and look at all the facts.