• How Wholesale Prices Are Calculated

    Finding wholesale car prices for vehicles can be tricky. Each dealership may use a different method to increase their profits. Here are some basic tips for determining the wholesale price of cars and trucks.Kelley Blue BookWhile this isn’t the only method used to determine the wholesale price, it’s a good start. Visit the Kelley Blue Book web site and plug in the make, model and overall condition of the vehicle. The site will generate an average price for private sale, trade-in or dealer cost. The trade-in value is usually the closest to the wholesale price. It is important to remember that even this method can be subjective.Manheim Market ReportManheim is the largest dealer auction company around. Dealers have access to this to check the prices that are actually paid for certain vehicles within the past week or so. The report gives them information on what the overall average price is and what the above and below average costs are within the week. This is also subjective, but it gives the dealer a better idea of where to set their markups.Wholesale prices are basically nothing more than trade-in value. If you want to know what the fair value for your vehicle is check with places like Kelley Blue Book, the NADA Guides or Edmunds to get a good mix of prices. Remember it is subjective, but it will arm you with more information during the negotiation process.