• How to Write a Transfer of Lease Letter

    In order to successfully carry out a transfer of lease, you need to bear in mind certain things. Before terminating your auto lease agreement, contact your dealer or lessor to determine the terms and conditions associated with early lease termination or auto lease transfer. Most auto leasing companies will charge you an early termination penalty and additional fees such as transaction fees or advertisement costs. However, some companies might not allow your car lease to be transferred to another party. It’s thus best to contact the dealer to perform all dealings in a legal manner. If you need help transferring your lease contract, research certain companies like LEASETRADE.com or swapalease to better understand the procedure involved. These companies could also help you find a buyer to transfer your lease to. In order to initiate the transfer process you will have to write a transfer of lease letter.

    How to Write a Transfer of Lease Letter:                           

    • Before drafting your letter, review your lease contract to determine your lease tenure and outstanding payments.
    • Research several websites to find formal business letter samples that could help you word the transfer of lease letter, appropriately.
    • When writing the letter, make sure you include pertinent information such as your name, lease contract number or any information deemed necessary.
    • If you have already found someone to take over your lease, ask the new party to complete a credit application and attach the same to your lease transfer letter and submit it to the dealer.

    If you need to complete the transfer urgently, it’s best to stick to transfer brokers who will expedite the process for you.