• How To Use A Used Auto Value Calculator

    If you are curious about the going price for a certain used vehicle, you should consider a used auto value calculator. There are many services which can give you estimate values for vehicles, and three of the more reliable ones are Kelley Blue Book, CarsDirect.com, and NADA. These free car value guides give potential buyers and sellers excellent platforms from which they can make good future decisions.

    Step 1: Find Out The Details

    To begin, you will need to find out many details about the car in question. Know its make, model, year of production, and its color. Find out about any options the car has, such as air conditioning, a CD player, power windows and so on.

    Step 2: Evaluate The Cosmetic Condition

    Next, you will need to evaluate the car’s interior and exterior cosmetic conditions. Does the paint have flakes, chips or scratches? Is the paint dull? Does the body of the car have any dents, dings, rust or cracks? In what condition is the car’s interior? Is the upholstery worn? Are the floor mats in good condition? Was the car frequently smoked in? You need to be honest with yourself and carefully think about the car’s cosmetic condition.

    Step 3: Evaluate The Mechanical Condition

    The third step is evaluating the car’s mechanical condition. How well does it run? Does it need any new parts or repairs? Will it pass inspection and emissions tests? How many miles does it have? Again, you need to be honest with yourself when considering these things.

    Step 4: Input The Information

    Once you gather all of the required information about a vehicle, visit a website such as www.kbb.com or www.edmunds.com. Input the information, and you’ll see a detailed estimate of the car’s worth. Prices will vary, based on a car’s condition and its method of exchange (retail sale value, private sale value, or trade-in value). You also may notice a difference in the estimates between the websites, which can help you better judge a car’s average worth.

    Using a used auto value calculator can be a simple, yet rewarding process. Follow these 4 steps to easily get an idea about the value of any used car.