• How to Transport a Car to Hawaii: 3 Tips for Lower Costs

    It is easy to transport your car to Hawaii, provided that careful research is undertaken before the procedure. This kind of service could cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the shipping company. But there are a few tips you need to consider to save on costs when transporting a vehicle to the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

    1. Choose a Reputable Shipping Company

    As mentioned above, you need to do research regarding the different carriers that offer such a service. Most reputable companies will charge more for the service and peace of mind. You have to understand that your car will be put into a container to protect it from the harsh elements of the sun and the sea when transporting from your current place of residence to the Hawaiian islands. This action alone will need a shipping company that will offer a guarantee your car will arrive in one piece. Check the credentials of the shipping company when in doubt.

    2. Choose Port to Port

    You will have to drive your car to the West coast where it will be loaded to a ship. You will then be notified of the car’s arrival in Honolulu and get the chance to drive it from the Hawaiian port to your new place of residence. This service is much cheaper than door-to-door services where a hired driver will take your car, drive to the port in the West coast and deliver right to your doorstep. A door-to-door service may be more expensive, but offers convenience for the busy individual.

    3. Follow Recommendations

    It would be ideal to have less than half a tank of fuel when shipping your car to reduce weight and cost of shipping. Be sure to have the necessary paperwork ready, such as the title and registration to better facilitate the process.