• How to Transfer Nissan Warranties

    Nissan warranties are available in different coverage tiers and packages. It’s important to purchase an auto warranty or an extended auto warranty in order to ensure that the cost of expensive repairs is covered. Although you may be able to purchase cheaper auto warranties from third party sellers, buying a Nissan warranty has many benefits. Moreover, if you wish to sell your vehicle after a few years, you will have good resale value if the auto warranty is still current. In order to legally comply with all requirements and transfer a Nissan warranty, you have to bear in mind a few things.

    Transferring Nissan Warranties:

    • Before initiating the transfer process you need to look though your contract to find out if there are any transfer clauses listed. Also make note of the remainder of the auto warranty term stated on the contract.  
    • Look for a buyer for your vehicle and contact your dealer to ask for a transfer request form. After obtaining this form, make sure that both you and the new owner sign it.  
    • Since Nissan North America charges a transfer fee that amounts to $35, mail the transfer request form along with the transfer fee to the address mentioned on the form. The transfer fee may vary in certain states. It could amount to $25 in California, Alabama, Washington and Arizona. Make note that all transfer fees should be submitted as a check or money order payable to Nissan North America.
    • Once the transfer request form has been mailed, the process takes nearly 6 weeks to be complete. The new owner will then receive a new warranty agreement in the mail.
    • Since the auto warranty requires the car owner to regularly carry out vehicle maintenance as listed on the owner’s manual, it’s best to keep records of all the services carried out, if the new owner asks you for all such documents. This ensures that the vehicle has been regularly cared for and it allows the owner to get maximum benefits from the auto warranty purchased.
    • Alternatively if you wish to apply for a Nissan coverage change, you have to contact the dealer from whom you purchased the warranty, and fill out the necessary form to initiate this change. You could either ask for additional coverage or alter the coverage to match your needs. You will have to once again go through Nissan North America to have the change take effect.

    The types of warranties offered by Nissan include the Nissan Bronze Security+Plus Plan, Nissan Silver Security+Plus Plan, Nissan Silver Preferred Security+Plus Plan, Nissan Gold Security+Plus Plan and the Nissan Gold Preferred Security+Plus Plan. The transfer procedure for all the plans remains the same. If you wish to find a buyer to sell your new vehicle, you could either contact your dealer or post listings on several websites as a private seller. Alternatively, post an ad in your local newspapers to search for buyers in your area.