• How to Transfer Ford Warranties

    Ford warranties are available for coverage on all new and some used Ford vehicles. When you get ready to sell your vehicle, it will benefit you to know what types of warranty coverage are currently available for your vehicle and which of those coverages can be transferred to a subsequent owner. This will become one additional selling point to include when advertising and can give the new owner the same peace of mind that your warranty coverage has provided for you.

    1. Know Your Coverage

    The first thing you’ll want to find out is which of the Ford warranties is still in effect for your car. If you aren’t aware of this information off the top of your head, you may want to check your sales paperwork or owner’s manual. The Ford website also provides information for your particular vehicle year and the Ford standard warranties that may have been included with the original purchase. Generally, a new car warranty is made up of various parts, such as bumper to bumper coverage, powertrain limited warranty and rust protection. Roadside assistance, emissions and safety and restraint systems warranties may have also been in place. Any, all or none of these may be transferable if coverage has not expired, so it will benefit you to know the details on all of your coverage so that you can offer this as an additional incentive to a buyer for your car, if it is available.

    2. Check the Details on Your Extended Warranty

    If you have purchased a Ford extended warranty, such as the Ford ESP, the remaining coverage on this plan is transferable to a new owner. There are several different coverage plans that can be purchased through the Ford extended warranty program, so you must find out the type of package you originally purchased and how much time remains for the vehicle. You may also want to extend records of repair or replacement to the buyer if you have had to use any portion of the warranty coverage in the past.

    3. Transfer Ford Warranty

    The transfer process for Ford warranties should be as simple as placing a phone call. Ford offers their customer service telephone information for transferring a Ford ESP service contract (1-877-339-1978) on their website. It will be helpful to know before offering this warranty transfer as an incentive to buy your vehicle, that there is a transfer fee to place the remainder of coverage into the hands of the new buyer. The transfer fee varies by state, but you can expect it to be $100 or less, so you may want to weigh the advantages regarding this fee vs. the amount of time that remains on the warranty. For more information regarding transfer of any portion of the new car warranty, transferring a Ford extended warranty service plan or to begin the transfer process, Ford encourages you to call their customer service line.