• How to Take Advantage of Hybrid Car Dealers Incentives

    Hybrid car incentives are offered by hybrid car dealers to encourage consumers to buy these cars. If you are planning on buying a new car, then here is how you can get a good discount at the car dealership.

    Step 1- Research the Model that You Want

    Different hybrid car models will have different tax rebates and dealer’s rebates that are offered on them. But a few car models can be more expensive than other models. You will have to research all the hybrid car models that are on the market at present to find the one in the best tax rebate bracket possible. Hybrid cars are also expensive because of their batteries and two separate engines under the hood. They will also require separate maintenance from expert mechanics who know how the vehicles work.

    Step 2- Tax Incentives Offered to the Dealer and Buyer

    Tax incentives offered by each state are completely different and they will change from year to year. For example, Toyota and Honda hybrids can no longer get the entire tax credit they were approved for. Ford hybrids get half the amount they were approved for since April 1, 2009. In October 2009, the credits were reduced again, and by April 1, 2010, they were completely phased out. Other rules will also apply on the hybrid car you are planning to buy. For example, if you purchased a hybrid car in 2004 or 2005, you could be offered a $2,000 one-time deduction. But the tax that is deducted depends on the tax bracket that you are in. For example, if you are earning in the 33% tax bracket, you would get about $600 off on your annual tax bills. You will get additional clean fuel tax deduction information here.

    Step 3- Research Dealer Incentives

    Along with tax rebates, you are also eligible for Dealer incentives that you can use to reduce the sticker price of your purchase. A few of the dealer incentives and discounts you can get and should be aware of:

    • Regional Incentives- If you are based in a particular region, dealers are offered discounts to sell their hybrid cars in these regions. You could be offered these regional incentives depending on the dealer inventory and demand of the vehicles.
    • Cash Credits- A few manufacturers will offer dealers cash credits to move their cars faster or to reach a certain sales volume in a certain time period. This discount cannot be offered to the customer and is only for the dealers.
    • Holdback- This dealer incentive is offered by manufacturers to showroom owners. There is a hidden financial incentive for the dealers that are included in the sticker price of the car. Most dealers will buy their inventory through a bank. Manufacturers send a check that will include the interest that is present on the cars in the form of a ‘holdback check’.
    • Carry Over Allowances- These allowances are issued to dealers who have older models of cars present in their showrooms. Manufacturers will pay them an incentive to hold them and sell them to customers. This incentive may be passed on to customers to get a substantial discount on the car cost.
    • Packs- Dealers count their entire outgoings in the form of rental, salaries, and electricity bills and then divide it up according the cars that are present in the showroom. Each car is allotted a cash amount, which is then added to the car price to recover operating costs.

    If you carry out sufficient research, you will be able to find a model you can buy at a reasonable price and have it maintained at a close by dealership. For example, the popular Toyota Prius can get its owner a whopping $3,100 tax rebate along with dealership incentives. As well as being easy to maintain, with multiple dealerships spread out across the US.