• How to Stay Updated with Special Incentives for Buying a Toyota Tacoma

    You want that new Toyota Tacoma with the CrewMax cab, but you want to wait until you can get the best deal. And this includes getting all of the available government rebates and factory incentives. But you’re not sure how to gain knowledge about all special offers, as well as seasonal sales. This article will help you address this question and show you how to keep abreast of the changing deals, rebates and factory incentives.

    Register with Local Dealerships

    Many local dealerships will have a way of informing past and prospective customers of special sales the dealership is having, as well as any factory cash and government rebates currently available. Registration is usually free and will consist of filling out a form on their website or in the showroom.

    Visit Factory Websites

    Factory websites are a great way to find out if there are any special incentives or rebates offered by the factory on the Toyota Tacoma you want. There will be links to check for current rebates and incentives. There will also be a link to check any current special offers, such as first time buyers, college students or recent graduates, among many other types of incentives. On the Toyota site itself, if you request information about any of the cars they make, you will be presented with the option to receive updates on the latest information and special offers from the factory.

    Pay Attention to Commercials and Advertisements

    We see them in passing dozens of times, every day. Commercials. The thing is, if a corporate entity has news to dispense about its product line and/or offerings, they’re going to take out a commercial on TV for it. They’ll also do print ads in magazines and newspapers when it’s something big. New incentives and rebates certainly qualify as important or big news. Pay attention to commercials about cars for new information regarding rebates and incentives. Do the same when reading magazines. Especially of an automotive nature, as well as newspapers.


    Friends, relations and acquaintances can be excellent sources of information regarding special offers of all sorts, and automobiles and trucks are no exception to this. Talk to friends that have recently made purchases of Toyota vehicles to see what special offers they were given, if any. They may have been told by the sales staff where they purchased there are special incentives coming in the future; from the dealership, the factory, the government or all of the above.


    This website has a whole section devoted to incentives and rebates. This section is divided by manufacturer. Just visit the website, click the Toyota Rebates link and peruse the available rebates and incentives CarsDirect is aware of.

    Above are 5 different types of sources of information regarding the availability of current rebates and other types of incentives when looking to buy a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.