• How to Ship a Car Cross Country, International, or Overseas: Auto Transport

    You should know how to ship a car if you wish to transport your vehicle across the state, across the country or to another country. The car moving transportation business provides several ways to transport your vehicle to the destination of your choice and provides the manpower, technology and information required for easy relocation. You can choose to move your vehicle by truck, flight, railroad or ship according to your budget and other requirements.

    Car Shipping Industry

    The car shipping industry is a very competitive one and has well known and established routes that minimize damage and delay. You should exert caution, select a company that is reputed and one that follows all the rules and regulations strictly. Check the company’s credentials with the Better Business Bureau and similar services abroad before entrusting them with your vehicle. You can also find out about various transportation companies via the Internet and contact them through their websites to get online quotes. These companies do the paperwork required for the auto transportation and most international companies have branches in many ports.

    Documents Required

    The documents that you have to submit to the auto transport company are the original title of the vehicle along with 2 extra copies and the bill of lading. If there is a lien on the vehicle, you need to provide a letter of permission from the owner of the lien. Depending on the country to which the car is being transported, you will have to provide other miscellaneous documents. In addition to these, proof of insurance, payment of sales tax and import duty has to be provided.

    Modes of Shipment

    You can choose to ship your vehicle using the roll on/roll off service. This is more economical than other options. Your car is driven into the shipping vessel and then shipped to the destination where it’s carefully unloaded. However, to ensure that your vehicle isn’t damaged in transit, you may choose an enclosed container. Some containers are designed to carry 3 or 4 cars wherein the shipping cost is dependent on the space occupied by your car. If you have an expensive car, it’s advisable to transport it in a single vehicle container. This is a more expensive mode of shipment, but you get sole access to open the container at the drop off location.

    Costs and Fees

    The car shipping price will depend on how far the vehicle has to be transported, the size and weight of the vehicle and the type of transport option chosen. While roll on/roll off transportation is the cheapest, transportation by air is likely to be the most expensive. The price quote from international shipping companies will vary according to the country of origin and the destination, and the insurance coverage bought for the vehicle. Other costs include administrative charges and import duties among others.

    If your car is in mint condition, you might want to take it along when you relocate to a new state or country. Be sure to choose a reputed transportation company that meets your requirements. The company should have high customer satisfaction ratings as well.