• How to Sell a Classic Car Fast and for the Highest Price Possible

    For whatever reason, you have to sell your classic car. This can and often is a painful and time consuming process. There isn’t the plethora of information on car values for older cars. There are also much fewer of them being sold than something like a 2000 Oldsmobile Cutlass. This too makes it much more difficult to decide what price to sell that muscle car for. Listed below you will find a number of sources of very good information that will help you evaluate the value of your car so you get the best possible price for your classic cart. Following this information will be some information that will help you sell your classic car much quicker than just placing a sign in the window.

    Check Auction Historical Data

    There are a number of large auction houses that specialize in classic, vintage and muscle car sales. If your classic car is in very fine condition and needs very little work to make it show quality, then historical data from these auction houses is a great source of pricing information. Most of these auction houses will allow you to search historical data for the previous year by year, make, model and options packages. When using auction house data, you must remember that most of the cars sold through auction houses are cars that you could very likely see at the next big classic or vintage car show in your area.

    Check Local Classifieds

    When you wish to sell a classic car, the classifieds in your local newspapers can be a good place to research what others are asking for their classic cars. Don’t just check one or two issues of a single paper, though. If you can, go to the newspaper’s offices and request back issues of at least the classifieds so you can look back three to six weeks. If you can’t get the paper’s offices, check online to see if you can check past issues of the classifieds. You can also check in with your local public library system to find back issues of newspapers from around the state, as well as papers from around the country with larger circulations.

    Visit Car Clubs

    Probably the best source of information on pricing and values of non-show quality muscle and classic cars are car clubs specializing in that particular make or model. This means that if you’re looking to sell a 1968 Dodge Charger, you should look up either local Mopar clubs or clubs that specialize in Chargers. Car club members can, for the most part, be considered experts in the field of the make and model car they own and collect. Additionally, local car clubs are going to be the best places to go to sell your classic car fast.

    Professional Appraisal

    If you own one of the rare breeds, you may just want to have a professional come out and appraise it to make sure you don’t over-price it and end up not selling it or under-price it and make yourself lose potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars. You may own a car that for some reason is worth thousands more than what you paid for it when you bought it. This is because certain production runs of classic cars are rarer than others. A professional is going to know all about this and will inform you of exactly what you have.

    Listed above you have been presented with four ways of making sure you get the price when you sell your classic car and one way to ensure you sell it quickly and easily.