• How to Return a New Car

    So you bought your dream car, showed it off to everyone, took tons of pictures and then woke up the next day with buyer’s remorse wondering if you can return a new car.

    There are countless reasons for wanting to return your vehicle to the dealership, but buyer’s remorse seems to be the most common. However, mechanical issues, unhappiness over a specific issue or financial hardship could be cause for concern as well. Whatever the issue, it is important to know how you go about returning the new vehicle you just bought.

    Dealers are under no obligation to accept your return unless there is something significantly wrong with the vehicle, even then it may just be a warranty issue. The first thing you should do is talk to the dealership. Explain the reasons you want to return the car and see what they have to say. Some dealers offer a window, such as 24 hours, in which you can return your car if you are unhappy. Asking what the return policy is, if there is one, before you buy could save you a lot of trouble down the line.

    If the car is a lemon you have legal rights, but the requirements as to what constitutes a lemon are very specific. Before accusing the dealer of selling you one it is best to research the matter and see what constitutes a lemon and what doesn’t. For a car to be considered a lemon it has to be nearly irreparable; one or two minor issues do not constitute a lemon.

    Returning a new vehicle is a tricky process and most, if not all dealers, are under no obligation to let you do it. Once you sign the contract, the car is yours, so be warned. Ask questions ahead of time to avoid an unpleasant situation at a later date.