• How to Research New Car Quotes

    New car quotes will vary greatly depending on what car you are looking at and where you are looking. You can take a lot of the guess work out of the buying process by doing some simple research.Check Manufacturer’s MSRPThe first thing you should do is have a good understanding of what vehicle you are wanting to purchase. Go to the website for the manufacturer and find the specific make and model you are wanting to purchase. You will also need to get an idea of what type of package you are looking for. Get the suggested price directly from the site.Check Kelley Blue BookMany people assume that Kelley Blue Book will only give you the wholesale car price, but you can compare new car quotes here as well. This will give you a better idea of what the average price is in your specific area. The MSRP on the manufacturer’s site is just a base point. If you live in an area where the car you are looking at is in high demand, the blue book price will reflect this. You will want to check several different packages and options so you will be armed with this when you finally go to the dealership.

    Know How to Negotiate
    Knowing how to negotiate car buying at the dealership can be an art. You shouldn’t just walk in and agree to pay the sticker price. You also shouldn’t walk in and expect them to take your first offer. You need to know what the different items on the sticker mean so you can work on getting a lower price quote for the car. Things like destination charges, flooring assistance and plan allowances can generally be safely knocked off the price. You can also start with a price of 5% under the sticker and work from there. You can expect the reality to be around 2% to 4% under the sticker price with a successful negotiation.Knowing how to research car prices will get you a step closer to getting the new car you want. The research process should include several steps, including researching the negotiation process.