• How to Research a Used Nissan 240SX

    The Nissan 240SX is a popular 90s-era sporty car, so if you’re looking at a used Nissan 240SX, you know it’s going to be a few years old. Some basic distinctions will help you research this offering from the Nissan product line.

    • Determine the “generation” – two generations of Nissan 240SX models were offered over the lifespan of the 240SX. The first was manufactured from 1989 to 1994, and the second was made from 1995 to 1998.
    • Determine the body type – although the second generation (S14) is generally a 2-door coupe, the first generation (S13) included 2-door coupe, 3-door hatchback and 2-door convertible models.
    • Check the transmission type – the Nissan 240SX shipped with either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission.
    • Check the blue book value – use model year, location, condition and features to come up with an accurate Kelley Blue Book value for the Nissan 240SX you are interested in at the Kelley Blue Book website. Use the three values (suggested retail, private party or trade-in) to figure out what the 240SX is worth to a private party, what a dealer would see it for and what it would be worth as a trade in (due to age, the trade in value of a Nissan 240SX will often be negligible).
    • Do a vehicle history check – use VIN checks to see whether the vehicle has ever been wrecked, flooded or otherwise damaged. Potential buyers can use tools like Carfax online to see a vehicle’s history.

    Use these tips to get a better picture of what a used Nissan 240SX should cost.