• How to Increase SUV MPG: 6 Money Saving Tips

    If you are looking to improve your SUV MPG ratings, there are many money saving tips you can use to help. SUV fuel economy is typically not as great as cars, and many people are switching to smaller cars because of that. However, some people just need an SUV for room, space, or driving needs. To help combat the sport utility vehicle MPG issue, here are some tips.

    Cruise Control

    Using cruise control is a great way to save gas. Cruise control allows your car to travel at a constant speed and at a constant RPM. The engine works less, and also since there is no acceleration, the gas consumption goes down. This is very useful on the highway, and can really increase your fuel efficiency. Cruise control should be set around 55 to 60 miles per hour. Not only is that the speed limit on most roads, but it is also when fuel efficiency is at its peak when measured against the speed of your vehicle.

    Steady Driving

    The same basis of cruise control can be used on the regular roads as well. Try not to accelerate greatly, and instead, accelerate smoothly. Many accelerate just to have to slow down again because they are at a red light or caught up to the car in front of them. This is the opposite of steady driving, and is called stop and go driving. That is one of the main reasons that city MPG ratings are lower than the highways.

    Avoid Traffic

    Possibly easier said than done, but avoiding traffic will help you avoid stop and go driving situations. Traffic jams cause you to have your car run while you are going nowhere, or minimal distances. This wastes gas, and you accumulate not too much distance.

    Lighten Your Vehicle

    SUV’s typically do carry a lot of passengers or cargo. If you don’t need all the items in your trunk or on your roof rack, take them out and store them away til you do need them. The heavier your vehicle is, the less fuel economy you would get. This could be a two fold effect, because if you take off the roof rack, or anything on your roof, you will increase the aerodynamics of your vehicle, which will in turn reduce drag. The same can be done by drafting behind large trucks on the highway. This is not advised though since that can be dangerous.

    Don’t Idle

    Idling is when your car is running, but your car is not in motion. This normally happens when you are waiting to pick someone up or when you are warming up your car in the winter. Idling for 10 minutes can use up 2% of your gas tank. This may seem small, but over time this adds up, and you don’t accumulate any mileage while idling. Not to mention, you also are adding even more emissions to the air.

    Turn Off the Air Conditioner

    The air conditioner is a big drain of power, which is your gas. Turning off your air and keeping your windows up is the best combination.