• How to Improve Diesel Performance

    To ensure that your vehicle runs to the best of its ability, you will benefit from knowing how to improve diesel performance. Whether you are prepared to undertake modification to the vehicle or simply want to amend your practices, you will find it possible to make your car work better.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    • Wrench
    • Pliers 
    • Diesel chip or module

    Step 1 – Removals

    One of the easiest ways to improve diesel performance is to remove any unnecessary components from the vehicle. This can include items, such as a roof box or a bike rack, which can make the car appear bigger and cause drag. Avoid storing any items in your car that will increase the weight of it. Removing these items will help the car to remain streamlined and not use more fuel than is necessary to propel the car.  

    Step 2 – Drive Better  

    The diesel performance can be improved by using the car in a more skillful manner. Make sure that you use the correct gear for the driving that you are undertaking. Leaving the car in too low a gear will force the car to have to work harder and use more fuel in the process. Reducing the amount of gear changes that you undertake in any given period will help to increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Avoid any situations where the vehicle is left idling for too long a period. Basic common sense changes should also be undertaken, such as planning your route before beginning a journey and finding the shortest distance.  

    Step 3 – Maintenance

    Regular maintenance of any car is essential to keep it running smoothly and this can help to ensure that diesel performance is maintained. Part of this process will always include using a good quality diesel. It will also be necessary to fix any leaks as part of diesel engine maintenance as soon they arise, which will ensure that the level of fuel does not reduce to a point where the vehicle is affected.    

    Step 4 – Performance Chip

    Installation of a specific chip can help to improve diesel performance, as it works to control the processes of the engine. The diesel engine mileage is able to be improved with the help of a chip that adjusts the timings of fuel consumption. It works by injecting diesel into the cylinder, when it is required to create additional power by every molecule fully used, which makes the engine more efficient. The process works by holding the injector open for longer to allow the fuel to be inserted. This time adjustment type of chip is more beneficial than those that simply add more fuel, as this can result in much of the fuel being wasted, which can be the cause of large volumes of black smoke from the exhaust.  In addition, the cheaper variety of the chip, which only adds extra fuel, can cause the engine to overheat from trying to burn all the fuel.